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Welcome to the limitless creative environment of Ethames School of Design. We are committed to fostering the abilities and interests of young designers, serving as a light of innovation in the field of design.

Our innovative programs combine creative expression with useful skills to equip students to succeed in a variety of fields, including digital media, digital product design, fashion, graphic design, interior design, and product design & development.

Punjagutta Circle, Diagonally Opp to Hyderabad Central, Hyderabad 500082, India.

Academics of ESD

We offer a four year BTEC design degree in


Admission criteria & process

As a first step, prospective students and their parents or guardians are welcome to visit the EThames School of Design campus. This can be done by submitting the “Visit to Campus” form to arrange a convenient date and time. Those parents who are unable to fill out the visit to campus form can call the “Admissions Office” and book an appointment over the phone.

Prospective students participate in a studio workshop either during the campus visit or at a later time, and a professional assesses them; the type of assessment varies by discipline.

Admission Process & Policy

Embarking on your design journey at EThames School of Design is a seamless process. Our admission process is designed to identify and welcome passionate individuals ready to explore the realms of creativity and innovation.


Explore Programs:
Browse through our diverse design programs—Fashion, Interior, Graphic, and Digital Design—and select the one that aligns with your passion and career aspirations.


Online Application:
Submit your application easily through our user-friendly online portal. Provide essential details, academic records, and a brief statement of intent to help us understand your aspirations.


Portfolio Submission:
Showcase your creativity by submitting a portfolio highlighting your best work. This is an opportunity for you to express your unique design perspective and skills.


Interview (Optional):
Engage in a conversation with our admissions team if you wish to discuss your portfolio, experiences, and goals in more detail. This step is optional but highly recommended.


Admission Decision:
Once your application and portfolio are reviewed, expect a prompt admission decision. Successful candidates will receive an offer letter to join the EThames design community.


Enrollment Confirmation:
Secure your spot by confirming your enrollment and completing any necessary documentation. Welcome to EThames School of Design!
Ready to shape your future in design? Start your journey with us and be part of a vibrant community dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and design excellence.

About us

At Ethames School of Design, we believe creativity knows no bounds. Our mission is to nurture the talents and passions of emerging designers, guiding them to become beacons of innovation in the design industry.

Welcome to EThames, the intersection of innovation and education. Dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment that equips students to succeed in a world that is always changing, we are a top education company. In order to develop the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and change-makers, our innovative approach to education combines cutting-edge curricula, cutting-edge facilities, and individualised assistance with a dedication to excellence.


“Our mission is simple: Empower creative minds, ignite innovation, and shape design leaders of tomorrow.”


“We envision pioneering design education, fostering creativity, and empowering global design leaders.”


“We value creativity, innovation, and diversity as catalysts for transformative design education.”

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